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Hallie Haller is a South African creative who cares about media, the future, and you. Currently based in Johannesburg, Hallie is interested in cultural production that creates opportunity, fosters community, and examines how we may live more meaningful lives. She has written a multitude of unpublished pieces, received hundreds of rejection letters, invested unwisely in passion projects, and risked it all on hope – more than once. For love and money, she is a writer, director, and creative strategist. Hallie is proudly a Brown Girls Doc Mafia member, a ForCreativeGirls mentor, a One World Media documentary fellow, and an ambassador for GirlsInFilm South Africa. As a commercials director, she is represented by Rudeboy Collective.

“Politics exists in the wake of culture. If you want to change the world, you’ve gotta change the culture.” – Franklin Leonard, The Blacklist.