Having grown up with access to different cameras at home, I began my career while still in film school in Cape town around 2012 in South Africa shooting music videos. My father was a photo and video enthusiast which made me follow in his footsteps, I remember even making some films at home with my brother in my teenage years. I then came back to Kenya shortly after university, starting work in the commercial
industry in which to date I’ve shot over 50 commercials locally and internationally primarily around Africa for brands such as Guinness, Uber, Coca Cola, Heineken, IBM, Aakoset, Google, MTN , Smirnoff, Absolut Vodka, Park Hyatt Hotels and Weetabix on location in places like Ghana, Zanzibar, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Ethiopia.

On occasion I’m also a Photographer and Director and have directed for brands like Nikon, Minute Maid, Sanlam, Heineken and a couple of music videos. In 2018, my first shot feature received a Kalasha Award (Kenya TV and Film Awards) for Best Cinematography in a film for film Disconnect.