Last November, at our annual event in Berlin, we committed to support the industry in the transition to a more sustainable way of working. We planned to host a sustainability summit this May in Los Angeles, which we had to cancel because of COVID-19. Even if the circumstances don’t allow us to sit together to discuss this vital topic, we want to keep the conversation going, so we’ve brought together like-minded people, from environmentalists and activists to key industry players, to discuss sustainability, diversity and other urgent matters. This conversation starts today.

CICLOPE: in short is a series of talks on podcast and video, completely for free and accessible any time for our community. 2020 is the year of collaboration, and this series is a reflection of these times. Its aim is not only to inform, but also to help change the narrative into something more approachable and propose tangible actions to take in the process.

In this first episode, the host and co-curator of the series, Gabi Kay (co-founder of Green The Bid), talks to George Marshall, Founding Director of Climate Outreach Information Network and author of Don’t Even Think About It: Why our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change (2014). George has 30 years experience at all levels of communications and advocacy – from community level protest movements, to senior positions in Greenpeace and the Rainforest Foundation, to advisory roles for governments, businesses and international agencies.

The conversation will continue with more community produced content in short form, focusing on highly topical issues. Stay tuned!

Also available on Spotify.

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