South Africa

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Born on 1982 in the humble township of Tembisa, South Africa. One year on my birthday, after months of begging and pleading, my mother finally gave in and got me a camera. I started documenting family and high-school events, anything to have me continuously rolling that camera.  In my first year of high school, M-NET (a South African pay television channel) hired me to be a presenter on one of their children’s entertainment shows (K-T.V). I found I loved being in front of and behind the camera. The producers of the show were eager to help me explore the film language.

Two close friends and I we were granted access to the equipment and post-production facilities and were inspired to make short films. After high-school I moved to Cape Town and spent three gruelling years in an intense course in Film and Television Production Techniques at City Varsity. It was here that I was put on the map.  Well, so to speak. I was awarded numerous achievements during my time there, including Best Short Film at Sithenghi Film Festival (Jameson Award), a nomination in the Durban International Film Festival and winning numerous awards for Public Service Announcements in Dubai and South Africa (VUKA AWARDS), Cannes International Critc Week, Tampere Film Festival in Finland, 16th Africa Film Festival in Milan (as well as having the privilege of being the youngest director to ever compete in that Festival). Unknown to me this was only the beginning of greater things to come. In my third year, I was to shadow my mentor on a series called ‘Interrogation Room’ after directing a few scenes here and there, I was offered to direct four episodes: this was the beginning of my career in long form story telling.

My showreel is extensive in the drama genre, having directed JOZI H,  an international medical drama series which was aired in South Africa and Canada, I later moved to local drama series and directed Jacobs Cross, The LAB, Zone 14, Sokhulu and Partners.